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God Wins!

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God Wins!

Our readings today are defined as apocalyptic. Apocalyptic is characterized as prophesying danger or destruction. Too many people listening to these words they might find themselves in a fearful or frightened state of mind. The words sound terrifying and as if God is going to destroy everything. However, if we are strong in our faith the words express great hope, that God is in control, and simply that God wins! Yes, God wins!

Can we believe that? We only need look to the Bible to find the answer. From the beginning God has been telling us how much He loves us. Adam and Eve fell from God’s grace, but He did not abandon them. When people turn away from God they turn toward darkness, for God is light. Just like Advent today we are experiencing the darkness as the nights get longer. In the darkness we experience a feeling that God is not with us. But we know better. Many times, in the history of man, there have been many dark moments. But those who persevered knew in their hearts that God would win, and the light of Christ will break through, and God will lead us to His light.

Advent offers a time to reflect and determine how we must change our hearts. The world today will attack us with new pressures and great anxiety to make us turn away from the light. There will be parties to plan for, gifts to purchase, bills to be paid, challenges in families living together and many more. In moderation, these events listed can be good, but they can become challenges introducing more stress and anxious moments into our lives. But they need not dominate our lives. Remember God wins! We need to turn toward the light. All those challenges and perceived problems are darkness. We need to address them, but they should not change our course of turning to the light. Yes, God wins, turn to the light.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen