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In the Days of Noah

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In the Days of Noah

We are four weeks away from Christmas.  It is the beginning of Advent.  We know that this is a time when we must prepare for the coming of the Child Jesus.  Why would Jesus speak of Noah on this first Sunday of Advent?  This week it is good to understand more about their culture.

When Jesus walked upon the earth, it was a time of great expectation.  For many centuries, God has been preparing the people for the coming of the Messiah.

It starts with the creation.  God made a special place for humans.  He wanted all people to dwell with Him.  We know that place as heaven.  The Jewish people believe that the Garden of Eden is where Jerusalem is today.  When God comes, He will restore Jerusalem to be that special garden.

But God gave us free will.  We can choose God or we can reject Him.  Adam and Eve sinned and we lost our relationship with God.  But God began to teach people that He has a plan for us so that we can reconcile with God.  God began to establish covenants with His people.

The first covenant is with Noah.  God gave people warnings that they must turn to Him and stop doing evil.  When the flood water came, they were not prepared.  All were destroyed except Noah and his family.  God said that He will never destroy all people again with water and gave us the rainbow as a sign of His covenant.  In today’s gospel, Jesus reminds the people that the people of Noah’s time did not listen to God.  They were not prepared when God entered their lives.

God made other covenants with people.  These covenants were made with Abraham, Moses and David.  It is from Isaiah that we hear of the Virgin who is bearing a son and His name will be Emmanuel.

Today’s reading speaks of the coming kingdom.  When all people gather together in peace and unity, just as God wanted it to be from the beginning.  But not all people will be brought into the new kingdom, only those who choose to live in peace and unity.  Those who extend love and mercy to others.

When we throw away weapons of war and division.  Those will be the people brought to heaven with God.  Therefore, stay awake.  Prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen