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It Does Not Have to be Scary

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It Does Not Have to be Scary

We have been marching through the book of Daniel the last couple of days. Daniel had some gruesome visions. Perhaps he lived at a time when life was particularly hard for Jewish people. Death was a constant threat, torture part of it, with no peace or security. Even in the worst of situations, they never gave up on God or lost their faith. Severely tried and tested, they persevered and endured. I know many people today who struggle to make ends meet. They are working to regain their health. It seems every time they turn around something else goes wrong. But even in these challenging times, they have persevered and endured, turning to God. And remarkably able to give thanks to God for what they have. They do not grumble or murmur. They resolve each day to do what they can. And at the end of each day, they give thanks to God.

Most people would like to have a life that is pain free with no suffering. In your imagination, what would that be like? I understand there is a medical condition where people lose their sense of touch. If you prick their finger, they feel nothing. Hold their hand over a burning flame, they feel nothing. They have no pain. And that is not good because they do not know when they should feel that something bad is happening to them. Perhaps that is why God allows us to feel pain. To know when something bad is happening. He also gives us the virtues of perseverance and endurance to survive the pain. Even better than that, He gives us the hope to know that there is something better, much better. Eternal life with God. Yes!

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen