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Christ the King

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Christ the King

As children, we have all played a game where one person stands on the top of a hill. The objective for the person on the top of the hill is to maintain control of the hill. The objective of the others at the bottom of the hill is conquer the hill, remove the person at the top, and then they take control. It is great fun until someone gets too rough and people get hurt.

Here the game is called King of the Hill. It does demonstrate a view of humanity that is not all that great. For example, it is usually the strongest who keeps control of the hilltop. This person dominates the game. Another side to this game is that the weaker or smaller people soon learn to band together to defeat the bigger opponent. They do this through diversion and fighting in unity. Both sides can be seen in our conflicts of today. The country that is the strongest and has the most resources try to be the dominant, controlling country. The smaller countries have learned guerrilla warfare tactics that usually take down the stronger country. And we see other countries attempting to become the stronger, dominating force. History continues to repeat itself.

Christ is the king of humanity. King of heaven. King of the universe. Daniel, in his vision, saw the Son of Man standing before God. Daniel said he saw something like the Son of Man. In other words what he saw looked like a man but was more than just a man. I wonder, Jesus would have a glorified body. It makes me wonder if our glorified body, better than what we have now, might be different?

In the gospel, Pilate seems to be in control but we quickly see that Jesus takes control. Jesus came to testify to the truth. The Pharisees and the scribes did not want Jesus in control. They turned away from the truth. They desired to live in sin rather than the grace Jesus offered. Pilate was afraid of the people. They said he would not be a friend of Caesar if he did not authorize Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus speaks the truth today. Amazingly we must make the same choice that the Pharisees and Pilate had to make. Do we choose our sins over Jesus? Do we choose to live in the secular world where we define virtues and morals?

The second reading claims that we are all priests. Jesus is the firstborn into heaven. He shows us the way to eternal life with our Father. When the One who was, and Who is, and Who is to come – riding on the clouds in glory- will we turn away because we desire our sinful life? Will we turn away in fear? As children of God, may our desire and love for God overcome our sins and fear so that we ask for forgiveness and mercy.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen