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Marriage in Heaven?

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Marriage In Heaven?

None of us really knows what heaven is or will be for us. Jesus did not share much of anything of what is in heaven. Today’s gospel story is rather humorous in the sense of its improbability. I know there have been people who have married upwards of seven times, but then, according to the Church, their marriages are invalid and therefore did not receive the sacramental graces.

The point Jesus makes is that there is no need for marriage in heaven. It is better to think of all of us in God.  Another thought, we will presumably know each other, but before the final judgement where we are given a glorified body like Jesus has, we will only be spirits. We will not have a bodily form. There will not be eyes, or ears, or faces, or hands, etc. Those are all human attributes. As a spirit we will not have a form. Still, it is believed that we will know each or at least perceive who someone is. God will grant that ability as He sees fit. God will provide what we need.

It really is a misconception to think we will have a cloud and a harp or any such material item. We just will not need them. When we talk about the heavenly banquet, we must realize that God will nourish us in a special way we do not understand. All the more we should look forward to eternity with anticipation and excitement.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen