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Your Faith has Saved You

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Your Faith Has Saved You!

Wow! Have you ever gotten that response from a prayer to God?

How hard we try to have faith, to trust in God. And maybe never hear anything in reply. Let us pause a moment. Just what were you hoping to hear? A “yes” to your prayer?

Consider your prayer. Was it a prayer giving glory to God or were you seeking something for yourself? You know the adage: God can respond yes, or no, or not right now. I would propose we change that. God can respond yes, or no, or I have something much better for you! I find when I am asking God for something that I must say the prayer repeatedly because each time I make the request I can refine my prayer as to what I actually am asking. As I think about the prayers I make I realize that if God had said yes to the first version of my prayer I would have ended up in worse situation. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me the time to think this through and discern what I really need.

And I have many prayers that received the negative response, thank God. Most of those prayers were prayers of my youth. Even though I consider I have come a long way since then, I still embarrass myself with some of my prayers. Again, thank you, Lord, for saying no.

Then like the blind man, I know of special times I have cried out to the Lord Jesus. He has made me search my heart to discover what I truly need. He has opened my eyes to His gifts that He desires to give me. I find myself overwhelmed when I am in the presence of the Lord. Every day God has something special planned for you if you but ask.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen