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Have Sight

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Have Sight

The commands of Jesus are so short but so powerful. He simply says, “Have sight” and the man sees. No waving of the hands or other incantations. Just have sight. And what did the man see? I imagine Jesus, he would have been standing right in front of him.

I can go back a long way into my memory, but I cannot say at any one time that I remember seeing my mother or my father for the first time. There was an old picture of Jesus on our bedroom wall. I remember how many times my mother pointed to Jesus when she knew I needed him in my life. When I was scared, or alone, or not knowing what to do. Sometimes her commands were like they were from Jesus. Ask Him! Offer it up! Pray! Don’t lose your faith!

When you look around your home or your office, what do you see? Is there anything on your walls or your desk that would convict you as a Christian? As you go through today, what actions will use to convict yourself as a Catholic? God has planted the timeless into our hearts meaning all people have faith. Whether you accept it or choose to ignore it or just simply deny it, we all have faith. Conviction comes from how you live your faith. Have sight! Open your eyes today. Help others to see, too.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen