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The Son of Man

The Son of Man will be coming in the clouds. What is this phrase, the Son of Man? It is first said in the book of Daniel, from which we had a short reading today. Today’s reading did not have this phrase in it, but the fathers who chose the readings assume you already know that Daniel first said the Son of Man. Just prior to this reading Daniel had a vision where he saw one as the Son of Man standing before God. This Son of Man was surrounded by many witnesses that were as bright as stars in the sky. Today’s reading speaks of a time of trial for those on earth, but those who have died will awake, some to live forever, others not so good. Those who lead others to justice will be like stars in the sky, many and very bright.

Jesus took the title, the Son of Man to be His own. He refers to Himself several times, particularly as He nears the time of His Passion. This time the Son of Man will gather to Himself the righteous and just. They will need no light for God will be their light. In God they will see light. And the Son of Man will come in great glory and great power.

This should remind us of the reading from the Book of Acts when St. Stephen is being stoned to death by the Jewish authorities, Stephen receives a vision. In his vision he sees the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God. This would have infuriated the Jewish authorities because they would have known Stephen would be talking about Jesus standing at the right hand of God.

The alleluia verse today warns us to be vigilant for one day, each of us will stand before the Son of Man, that is Jesus. We will give an account of ourselves. In every generation, we have the choice to follow Jesus or deny Him. We have received the Word of God. We must ask ourselves; do we believe? The Word of God lives on forever. It does not pass away.

The Word of God is new everyday for those who choose to listen and obey. Jesus made the one true sacrifice. In this perfect sacrifice we have all been redeemed should we choose to accept this teaching. The best way to accept the Word of God is to offer ourselves at the time of consecration in the Mass. Are you prepared to make this offering to the Son of Man?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen