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How Do You Know God?

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How Do You Know God?

Special reading from Wisdom today. Although claiming that all of us are ignorant about God, we still can learn something from God by what is around us.

For example, it is this time of year many people will proclaim they find God in nature. Of course, they will be hunting. And true, the fingerprint of God is all over His creation. Glorious sunrises, awesome sunsets. The color of the trees. The wonder of the sun. The beauty of the moon and stars. All this points to an understanding that this just did not happen randomly but is the work of the Divine Creator.

Human, as we are, have sometimes taken the creation to be the god. There are people who worship snakes, bulls, other animals, as well as the sun, and moon, and other created things. From this false worship have sprung forth various religions, all false, as they cannot see the handiwork of God, only the beauty of what He has created. Such a sadness to not know the true God. Instead, we busy ourselves with day-to-day activities of living our earthly lives, not thinking of eternal life with the true God. There is more to life than eating, drinking, and marrying. This life on earth will one day end, but our life with God is eternal.

Remember, in the Our Father we say, ‘thy will be done.’ One day we will stand before Jesus, will be able then to say, ‘thy will be done?’ Or will Jesus look at us sadly and say to us, ‘thy will be done?’

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen