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Remember Jesus curing the ten lepers? He sent them off to the priests of the day. The priests were the authorities to determine if someone were clean or still had leprosy.

As you recall, the ten men realized on the way they had been healed and were clean. We are told only one returned to give thanks. There is one detail we need to consider. This one of the ten was a Samaritan. And we know the Jewish people and Samaritans were not at peace.

First it is remarkable that a Samaritan leper would even be allowed to be with Jewish lepers. Perhaps because they were all in the same boat this Samaritan was allowed to be with the other nine. Remember the phrase misery loves company? In illness we are all equal. No matter what our background or culture we have a common problem that needs healing.

Second Samaritans did not worship on Mount Sion but on Mount Gerizim. Mount Gerizim is a long way away from where they are now. I wonder, did the Samaritan start to make the longer journey or did he go with the other nine. If he was going to Gerizim and noticed he was healed this would have a double blessing. We can only guess.

The point of the story remains we need to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Everything we have or do or say or think comes from God. There can never be a time where we stop thanking God. Where would you start today?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen