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A Great Multitude

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A Great Multitude

All Saints Day is a special day. We remember all of the saints canonized by the Catholic Church and of course those saints we may not even know their names or their history. But I do know they are present to us at every mass. I picture the altar as the focal point of great coliseum. And around this simple altar in our church, thousands upon thousands, myriads upon myriads of saints gather around to worship Jesus in the mass. And what makes this so special is we are part of that great celebration. We are all called to be saints. The Beatitudes of today’s gospel teaches us just how that happens. How we can find our selves in the presence of God even here in this earthly realm. Could anything be more awesome or mysterious?

I hope everyone can read more about the saints. I know you will find someone that resonates with you and who you are. Then pray to them, asking for their intercessory prayers for you. Ask them how you can also become a saint. Find out who your namesake saint is. For years I thought that I would never find my namesake saint. My name is Edwin. There are many saints named Edward but it was just last year that I actually found a St Edwin. I felt rather happy about this. Although there is not much known about St. Edwin, that is OK. It gives me one more boost to try harder to become a saint. How about you?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen