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The New God

A short reflection to consider for today. The last few days have been most pleasant. Temperatures in the 70’s, light breezes for the most part. Lots of sun. It would really have been a great week to just get out and enjoy. I wonder if many did. There seems to be a new god in town. It is called politics. It seems to draw out the worst in us. It is a god that has been developing over the past 50 years, growing in strength and fervor. Maybe you think I am making this up. Maybe, but let us do a little test. In the past people were challenged to look at the priorities in their lives. Best way to do that was to look at your checkbook. Where does your money go? Today just about everything is done on credit cards, so I suppose you need to look at your statement. But a better way to see what the priorities in your life are would be to look at where your time is spent. Looking back at this week, how much time did you spend watching politics?

The Church has always proclaimed God is in control. He intends to use whatever people are in office for the good of all. Today’s first reading spoke of wisdom. Do you know how God plans to do this? No? Then you are clearly focused on just the politics of today. The new god. You are wrapped in its octopus like tentacles, being drawn down farther and deeper all the time. Oh, but this was election week! All the more you should have spent more time praying.

We draw near to the end of the church year. Every year has a cycle in the church. Advent will be upon us in just a few short weeks. The church focuses on the end times. Do you know the end times started with the Ascension of the Lord? He promised to come back. If He is coming back, where is your time spent? On politics or the Lord? Which one are you preparing for?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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