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I am proud to be an American, but humbled, too, because I have been richly blessed. I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries. In third world countries I have been on mission trips to help with building homes, wells, and bringing clothing to many. Even those who earn less than $40 a month, with large families, expressed great happiness and joy in their very hard-working lives. I can no longer physically do this but continue to pray for many families.

One business trip I made to England in the early 80’s was interrupted when the company I worked for asked me to make a trip to Ireland. So, I packed what I would need and was surprised I had lost my passport. I looked everywhere but could not find it. Back then I did not need to show my passport to go from England to Ireland. But when I returned to England, I had to go to the American Consulate to get another passport. I was relieved to see and hear an American behind the desk. I explained my situation to him. He needed identification. And my driver’s license was not enough. He must have seen the concern on my face because he asked me where I had grown up. I said South Dakota. He said what is the capital of South Dakota. I said Pierre (but in SD we pronounce it as pier). He said I was accepted. I asked how. He told me most Americans are so inconsiderate and demanding, but I did not act that way. He also said that the only thing he remembered about South Dakota was the capital. If I had said Pee – aire as they would in England, he would have denied my request. I thanked him profusely. But his comment about how Americans act in foreign countries has always remained with me.

Paul holds up the Philippians as model citizens of heaven. He encourages the Gentiles to behave and act as if they were Philippians. Paul goes so far as to say he has citizenship in heaven. Well, so do we. Do we act and behave as citizens from heaven?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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