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More Catholic Than the Church

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More Catholic Than the Church

The story of Jonah is a little absurd story including an unwilling prophet, a fish, the salvation of a large city, and a gourd plant. Jonah did not want to prophecy to the Ninevites because he considered them enemies. Let God destroy them. They deserve it. But that was not God’s plan. Even though the people of Nineveh were not Jewish, God reminds us that He loves all peoples. Jonah was angry at God because God relented and let the people of Nineveh live.

Seems preposterous to me that anyone would get angry at God, especially when many lives have been saved, but sometimes are anger takes over. God then uses the gourd plant to prove His point. The gourd plant grows up in one night providing shade for Jonah. The next night the gourd plant dies, and Jonah suffers the heat of the day. Jonah is angry at God once again because the gourd plant was not there for Jonah’s benefit. Jonah must have been a very angry person. He shows his anger for the loss of simple plant that he had control of growing or dying. And Jonah’s anger is the same whether it is the salvation of many people or one plant. Jonah was feeling at this time that he certainly knew more about God.

Ever hear the phrase, more Catholic than the Church or is the Pope Catholic? Usually indicates that someone thinks they know more about the faith than others do. Perhaps they know how to be more Catholic than the Pope. Or could we go all the way – they are more Catholic than the Church? This usually occurs when angry people want the Church to make a definitive answer about an issue, usually some political concern that they disagree with.

We need to pray for angry people. Their anger only impacts them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Take a second look at the Jonah story. God focuses on the people He loves. He does not care what nationality or what political party they are affiliated. He cares and loves them as people. Politics and national causes all go the same way over time. Being angry at some thing is pointless. Being angry at people is anger against God. That is not only senseless but could send you to where you do not want to go. A place without God, forgiveness, or mercy.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen