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The Narrow Gate

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The Narrow Gate

(For the children’s mass today.)

Have any of you ever been to a football game? Have you ever been to Valley Fair? Before you can go inside to watch the game or go on the rides you must pass through a narrow gate.

But you just cannot walk through the gate when you want to. You might have to buy a ticket. Or maybe there is a sign that says you must be this tall to go on this ride.  No matter what you must go through the small, narrow gate.

Only one person can go through the gate. Two people will not fit. There are always so many people trying to get into the stadium to see the game. There are always many people who want to go on the rides, but everyone must go through the small narrow gate.

That is just like heaven. I think there are many people who want to go to heaven. Jesus says He is the gate. We must go to Jesus if we want to go heaven. Jesus has given us certain rules to follow too. We have the ten commandments.

Jesus tells us that we are to help each other get to heaven. Jesus has given us His church. Through His Church we learn more about God, more about Jesus, and more about the Holy Spirit. The Church, guided by the Holy Spirit helps us to live a life with Jesus as the best example.

We are to live our life the same way as Jesus did. Jesus is the narrow gate. Let us enter into Jesus.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen