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Behave like God As His Very Dear Children

The responsorial psalm caught my attention today. You have to say it out loud a couple of times to kind of understand it. Now think it through slowly. And it is still hard to comprehend. If I break it into sections maybe that will help. Let us look at “as his very dear children”. We all want to be children of God. Through baptism we become Christian. God looks upon us as sons and daughters. We realize God loves us. Sometimes we struggle with that thought. As children we have a lot to learn. And God is so much that He is hard to know and even more difficult to understand His ways. But as children we learn to trust that what happens in our life God is in control and really does want what is best for us.

The first part of the phrase, “Behave like God”. Well, God is never misbehaving so we better be behaving. In other words, children imitate their parents. And children have been known to pick up some misbehaving characteristics from parents. But if we strive to imitate God those misbehaviors are pushed out. We learn to do the good deeds God wants us to do.

So today begin behaving like God. Probably the best advice you will get today.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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