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Like A . . .

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Like A . . .

Each week we count off the weeks of Ordinary Time. There really is not much ordinary about them, other than we are counting them. When the Easter finished, sometime last summer, I recall thinking about how far away it is to Advent and Christmas. Now I think where did the time go. One week I was announcing the eighteenth week of ordinary time and this week I will be announcing the thirtieth week of ordinary time.

Maybe that is not too impressive for most people, but knowing there are only thirty-four weeks of ordinary time that means one month to Advent. In those four months people have gone on vacation. We have lived another period of time with high COVID rates. People have gotten married. Children have been baptized. We have had picnics, the beginning of school and religious education. There has been Extreme Faith Camp and Totus Tuus. People have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. And Farm & Fleet has announced Toy Land is open!

There is a great analogy out there. I do not know who to give credit to or if that person wants the credit. Life has been compared to a roll of toilet paper. To get it started you must scrape and claw at that first sheet destroying several other sheets in the process. Then you must get it positioned properly in the holder. Ever notice that the holder is just a bit smaller than the roll. So, it never tears off in the right place or you get a bunch of useless little pieces. Once you are in the middle of the roll things go smoothly. And then at the end of the roll it all goes too fast. God’s advice is always be prepared, for you do not the end. Just like in life know where the next roll is coming from. Be prepared.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen