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God’s Perfect Timing

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God’s Perfect Timing

We often forget, everything is with and at God’s timing. This doesn’t mean we stop working or trying but we try more to discern God’s Will. He does have what is best for us all the time. He wants us to have the best. We trust in Him.

When we start to plan things for ourselves seldom do our plans work out the way we want them to. We just do not know all the details to make our plans fail proof. We are finite creatures and there is just too much out there to consider. Or if we try to cover all the bases, we find that there are more bases being created faster than we can cover.

Therefore, we preach that we offer everything to God. He will lead us down this path of life with love and mercy. Not that everything will be perfect or as they say a rose garden. No, rather we will be given the gifts to live this life to the fullest even this its challenges.

Notice that some were listed as apostles, other evangelists, all of us disciples, and within that group, teachers, parents, students, and all of the other vocations. We have been given the gift of grace as determined by God so that we can share our gift at the right time with others when they need it or when we need it, too. It is all with God’s perfect timing.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen