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Is Division Ever Acceptable?

Often in our culture today, people want to strive for peace at any cost. Can’t we just get along? Can’t we just coexist? These ideologies may seem desirable, but they are not rational or realistic. Not rational because your definition of coexisting may not be the same as others. Your sense of fairness and justice may not be the same as someone else. Already you have division because of the ideology you wish to promote. And that is what makes it unrealistic. There is no way to distribute wealth evenly among all people. There is no way to have everyone live in the same style house, do the same job, or love one another in the same way. We are all created so differently with so many different talents and skills, it is what makes us all so unique. Honestly, we are all not created equal, but we do all deserve the same dignity and respect as individuals.

Look at Sunday’s readings – love your neighbor as yourself. The reason we have divisions is because we are passionate human beings. What we learn as we grow up, where we live, and how we think has been shaped by people around us and our life experiences. Until we can be shown or taught something different, we believe in what we know. And we are passionate about what we know. We are not often open to learning something new, a new way of life.

When Jesus came into the world, He knows we are passionate beings, but He challenges us to become compassionate people, loving others as we love ourselves. To be the Good Samaritan, to step outside of what we know to grow in the love Jesus offers each of us. Ready to step out of your world? Pray first to the Holy Spirit for the courage to do so. Learn to look at division as an opportunity to share who you are and to learn who the other person is.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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