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Households Divided

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Households Divided

We know this passage. It seems a little odd when we first hear it. How can a father be against the son, or a mother against her daughter? After all, we are talking about family. Families do not fight or argue. But we know better. We are all opinionated people. We think we know what the right thing is to do. We also think we know what other people should be doing, except at some point in time we realize the others do not do what we think they should be doing. This causes us to be judgmental and frustrated. Guess now we can say why families become divided.

I like to share one more division in a family that is implied but not readily visible in the reading. That is how faith causes division. Jesus forewarns us – He came to cause division. But would He really split up a marriage?

Working with people to obtain annulments I am surprised at the number of marriages that separated because one spouse began to develop a strong faith. The other spouse did not understand what was happening and did not like the new religious spouse. The friction of religion became so severe in these marriages they finally sought divorce.

So, ask again, does Jesus really seek to divide a marriage? No. Jesus asks us to grow in faith. Just like the division between a father and son, a mother and daughter, there can be a division between husband and wife and sometimes that division is about faith. The couple must remember their promise at the time of marriage. To work toward the common good of the spouses. For one spouse to leave the other because of faith makes you wonder if they understood the promises taken. We must always remember to pray for the vocation of marriage and for couples struggling in their marriage.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen