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Sin Separates us from God

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Sin Separates Us From God

(Homily for school mass.)

We need to remember that sin separates us from God. We need to be very careful to keep sin from entering our life. Sin makes us feel bad. It hurts other people. And when we hurt other people then they no longer want to be our friends.

Let us look at just one example of one kind of sin. Let’s look at sin called lying. No one wants to be known as a liar. That means other people do not trust you. And a lie has no color. Sometimes people say they made a little white lie but there is no such thing as a little lie. And lies do not have color, not even white. Always remember a lie is a lie. So, it is always important to tell the truth.

You see when you tell a lie you have to always remember what the lie was about. Because at some time the truth will come out. And when it does then you have to admit you told a lie. And that is always embarrassing. But if you decide to tell another lie to cover up the first lie now you have two lies you must remember forever. Not good. But lies just keep adding up until someone catches you in the lies you have told.

An interesting thing happens when you tell a lie. Your heart rebels against the lie. No one really wants to lie. We tell a lie because we think the truth hurts more than the lie. Now that you know how much work it takes to make sure a lie is never found out is it not easier to own up to the truth? Here is a way to do just that. I know from time to time a lie may slip out. Rather than trying to live with the lie we can say something like: Oh, wait a minute. What I said might not be true. I think it might be this way. Then tell the truth. An amazing thing about truth is that people do not remember the truth but will remember that you made a great attempt to be truthful. I would want people to remember me as being always truthful then to think I am a liar. That would not be good.

Then let us all try to today to focus on the truth. Be kind, fair, gentle, and forgiving in all that we do. Then give thanks to God for all He has given us.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen