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Can We Born as Christians?

Pope Benedict states that no one is born Christian. For those of us who believe we are Christian and have children we would readily proclaim that our children are Christian. What does Pope Benedict mean? Stop and think for a moment. To be a member of an organization means we desire to believe and follow the teachings of that organization. To be a member means we must go to the organization and ask to become a member for which there will be some form of a rite to enter the organization.

With Christ, He comes to us. We are told that we will have to die and then be raised if we desire to become Christian. In simple words, this is challenging. In life it is even more difficult, this dying and rising, because we die to self often trusting in God to have us rise with Him again. In baptism we pass through the waters of death and are reborn to new life. We are to live our lives as if Jesus is coming again into this world today. It means being prepared. It means once we are reborn through baptism, we are now Christian, children of God.

Your preparation today to receive Jesus is? Indifference or no response is not Christian. It is a turning away from God. Reflect on that question today. Be prepared to receive Jesus.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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