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Hope Against Hope

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Hoping Against Hope

I am always surprised when I find a saying in the Bible that I have used many times in my life never knowing where it came from. Today is one of those days. Hoping against hope. What does it mean?

As I get older my hope for heaven increases. As the number of days in front of me my hope for heaven increases. Our faith tells us to have faith, hope, and love. Of the three I find I must work the hardest for hope. Sometimes I get depressed or discouraged. What am I going to do today that allows me to hope for heaven?

Let’s see. I will do my morning prayers. I will do my walk where I say the Rosary. (I find I do not fall asleep if I say my Rosary while walking.) I will do a baptism today which means an adrenaline surge of hope for the family and me. I will celebrate mass. I will do my night prayers. All of this is wonderful. But I realize the hardest thing for me to do are the simplest things in life. The day to day things. Getting dressed. Finding something to eat. Going to sleep.

Abraham was thought to be 80 when Isaac was born. Ask anyone you know who is 80 what is the hardest thing to do today. Then pray for your grandparents and parents. They need that adrenaline rush of hope.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen