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Memorials – from Both Sides

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Memorials – from Both Sides

The people wanted to build memorials to their prophets. They realized that the prophetic messages had come true. They also thought this would be a fitting tribute to those great prophets. But Jesus did not see it that way. Rather, Jesus recognized it was their ancestors who killed the prophets and now the children build the memorial for what their ancestors did. Not a very nice way of remembering the past.

But do we not do the same thing? We have a memorial to Martin Luther King, a modern-day prophet, but he was murdered, too. His voice was silenced. Have his words made a difference on what we do today? What about the Lincoln Memorial? Another prophet whose voice was silenced for what he said and did. How has his teaching changed our lives today?

Some memorials are not as obvious with their message. For example, the Washington Memorial is a very great tribute, and many people visit it each year. Of course, we honor George Washington, but do we also remember that it was probably slave labor that constructed this great monument? Or one more to consider, St Junipero Serra. His statues were torn down all over California because of allegations that later turned out to be false. Emotions took over reality.

Every memorial has two faces that need to be studied and understood.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen