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Abba Father

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Your Generation

No matter your age, this is your generation. Jesus said this generation is an evil generation. A statement like this, from Jesus, is so relevant no matter what generation you are speaking. Perhaps it is because we live in a time of contradiction. It is a world where your actions can speak on your behalf, but you can deny your actions because you do not think that way. That seems to be a contradiction. How can you think one way and act another?

I have thought about that a lot. Here are some of my other thoughts. How can we tolerate Democrats and Republicans calling each other names, accusing one another of gross improprieties, with facts to back it up, and treating each other without any dignity and respect? Yet, in school we try to teach children to not call one another names, that fighting and arguing are not right, and that everyone is to be treated with respect.

We live in a world where countries can lob bombs and missiles at each, indiscriminately killing military and civilians, literally with no regard or respect for life. But if someone murders an individual on our streets they may or may not go to prison. Our children are killed in their homes or in parked cars. For decades we talk about raising the taxes on the wealthy. I have heard claims of a tax increase from 3% to 15%. Have we forgotten basic math? Look at the tax returns of major corporations or individuals. If you have a tax return stating you had no tax to pay that means 0 times any % is still 0. And we are trying to teach children that lying and stealing is not right. That one must be accountable and responsible for your actions.

If you are sitting up and taking nourishment, this is your generation. I wonder what Jesus would say about this generation.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen