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How children learn from

It is good to be going through the seven parables of Matthew at this time of year. He uses everyday occurrences happening in marriage and in vineyards. Today’s gospel uses marriage and I was thinking particularly about marriage and our faith as we begin our revised religious education program. We are excited about this program. There are many wonderful people who have put in many hours of deliberation and I am thankful for their efforts.

It is good to reflect upon how we learned the faith. You have often heard how parents are the best teachers for their children. And parents wonder how is that possible. But you are. Children start learning from you from the very beginning. How to say words. How to smile. How to do many things. You see your children are observing you all the time. Their natural inclination is to do and say what you do. It is through words and actions we communicate and see instinctively pick up on the need to communicate because they can get what they want. They also learn any bad behaviors they see and hear. Did you ever exclaim, “Now where did that come from?!” And parents begin to behave a little better because little ears are listening.

After a few more years children are introduced to other children. Socialization begins, our communication develops, and anything children have learned from their parents, even the bad stuff is shared. Makes it evident that we are really one large family not only sharing the good but also responsible for the bad. The education of our children is now turned over to school teachers. This does not mean parents are off the hook. Your children are still observing you. Their observations however are now tempered by the morals and virtues you demonstrate. If you choose to go golfing or fishing on Sunday morning the children now know the priorities in your life. Whether you want them to or not your priorities become their priorities. Why? Because you are the parent.

And in a few more years we come to where we are today. Children are making more of their decisions based on what they have been taught. Are parents now done with teaching? No, parents are always teachers. But parents, you need to understand you are now dealing adults. And they choose to make their decisions, even if you disagree. I think what parents most disagree with their grown children is when parents observe the behaviors in their grown children that the parents struggle within themselves. It has often been said I see what my children are doing is wrong and I want to protect them but they will not listen to me. And the reason they will not listen is they have seen you make the same mistakes for years and now you want to correct them? If Mom and Dad can do this then so can I. By the way, will it be Mom or Dad coming to the class? This sets a precedent in a young mind. Which parent is most concerned with faith? As you all know, both parents should be setting the example.

With the new Religious Education program we all have an opportunity to learn. If children copy their parents would it not be great to allow your children to observe how you learn? This would be a lifelong blessing for your children. And if you do not have children in the class please feel free to come along. We are all a family. We are all teachers of our children. Children watch adults all the time, picking and choosing various behaviors. Whether you know it or not everyone is a role model. No matter what, you all can pray for our families. The struggles today are infinitely more complex that how we grew up. Maybe not different but definitely more complex.

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