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O Stupid Galatians

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O Stupid Galatians

I have never received a letter starting out with O Stupid anything. In our culture we are extremely cautious and sensitive to offending anyone. Or at least in Rice Lake?

I have worked many different places with many different groups of people. Now that I come to think of it, I can recall language that was a lot worse than calling someone stupid. I tried to remember how that type of greeting was received and must say as many people as there are, I saw just as many different reactions.

I wonder what other words or phrases Paul may have used? I have been told that there are phrases in Hebrew or Syrian that are not very nice. I suppose every language has those same phrases and thoughts. Now the question is, do we have to use them? And if we use them, how do people react to you?

Unfortunately, the Galatians never survived. They were taken into other cultures.

Over the last ten years we have learned how to use words that I could never have imagined we would ever use or think of. There are accusations without evidence, sometimes cruel and unnecessary words are used, and no one thinks of apologies, or an apology is seen as a sign of weakness. We have even learned how to call people or groups of people new names. Being on this kind of path is self-destructive.

As a Catholic, we are to ask, seek, and knock. Not for worldly goods, but spiritual goods and graces. We need to focus on what is most important, God. We need to be persistent, persevere, and trust in Him. By the way, watch your language. People are listening.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen