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photography of black, white and red love text-printed board

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Yeah, but

God loves everyone. Even those people we may not like. Even those people who do not like us. God loves everyone whether we do or not. We want to say “Yeah, but God you don’t know them the way I know them!” Or we might say, “Yeah, but God you don’t know how badly they have treated me!”  Yeah, but God does know and that is exactly why He is telling you that you need to love them. If you do not love them then you cannot love God. To love God means you accept all His commandments. Not just the ones you like today. All means all. You accept all His commandments all the time. It means you love all people no matter what they have done to you or how badly they treated you. 

Yeah, but that is hard. Yes, it is. And that is why God has given you a lifetime to practice. Like everything else in this world, you start with the small stuff and work your way up. Forgiveness takes time. Often you must repeat that you forgive someone mentally before you can say it out loud. Once you say it out loud then you start to work on loving that person. 

Why do we do this? Last line of the first reading: victory that conquers this world is faith. We have faith in God. God wants us to love as He does. God has conquered the world through His Son who teaches us how to love. No buts about it. 

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen