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St. John Neumann

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St John Neumann

The story of St. John Neumann is very interesting. If you have a few minutes, click on the link to Catholic Saints below. Here are some quotes from him to reflect upon for today.

Since every man of whatever race is endowed with the dignity of a person, he has an inalienable right to an education corresponding to his proper destiny and suited to his native talents, his cultural background, and his ancestral heritage. At the same time, this education should pave the way to brotherly association with other peoples, so that genuine unity and peace on earth may be promoted. For a true education aims at the formation of the human person with respect to the good of those societies of which, as a man, he is a member, and in whose responsibilities, as an adult, he will share. – Saint John Neumann

A man must always be ready, for death comes when and where God wills it. – Saint John Neumann

Merciful Father, You have given me all that I have in this world, even life itself. In all my daily needs, help me to remember the needs of others too. Make me aware of the need to pray to You not just for myself but for the Church, the Pope, for the clergy and for people who suffer any need. Make me as selfless as Saint John Neumann. Throughout my life, give me the grace to direct my first thoughts to the service of You and of others. Make my prayer – “Your will be done” knowing that in Your mercy and love, Your will for me is my sanctification. I ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and if the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen