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We celebrate Catholic Schools’ Week this Sunday. The Catholic Church has always promoted education. Particularly an education that carries religious aspects in all phases of learning. There are prayer times throughout the day.

On Wednesday we celebrate mass for the children. We have times for the school to participate in praying the Rosary, joining in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and time for personal reflection. This is all included with the regular subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic. And we have exciting after school activities such as sports, archery, skiing, and many other activities. This week you might take time to tour the school and view the activities in person. Just call the office to set up a time.

I thought for the gospel today we might look at the Beatitudes from a child’s perspective. For example, blessed are the poor in spirit.

Much like you might do at the start of your workday, you greet one another. Spend a few minutes talking about what you may have done over the weekend or the agenda for today. In that time, you notice the emotional state your coworker is experiencing. The children are quick to perceive how they feel, happy or sad. They share their feelings openly with each other. They also share in the sorrow of losing a pet, or grandparent, or other sufferings that occur in a family. They try to support each other through these difficult times.

Another blessing is watching children encouraging each other as they learn to climb the rock wall or cross-country ski or play basketball. Blessed are the meek. And children have a built-in sense for what is right and good. Jesus said we need to become like little children, especially with clean hearts if we want to see God.

God says He will write His law on our hearts. I believe He has done so with children. Jesus also said we are to love our neighbor. That means you parents of these children are doing some great things in teaching them the Beatitudes. Yes you parents are reaching your children’s minds and hearts. You are helping them to grow in faith.

Parents are the first and best teachers of your children. God has granted us the ability to know what is good. We know what is right and wrong. We must strive to do what is good. Our tendency is to sin even when we don’t want to sin. The Commandments and the Beatitudes teach us how to live a good life.

When parents live a good life they teach their children to do the same. When people in a community strive to live good lives all people, young and old learn to live good lives. A Catholic School can be of great help in this learning process. I encourage you to consider our Catholic School as an important option for your children’s education.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit  Amen