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It is in the Plan

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It Is in the Plan

Ever notice how Jesus was aware of what was happening around him. And he made plans. People were literally mobbing Him. They wanted to hear His words, they wanted to be healed. And Jesus was compassionate. He reached out to everyone and desired to help them. He also realized that His humanity would need time to recharge. He would take time to pray. He even asked His disciples to have a boat ready should He need to step back and have more room to address the people. Sort of social distancing in His day.

Jesus also knew His mission was not to heal everyone but to spread the good news of the gospel. He would leave in their minds the miracles He performed so that they would share this with others. He wanted people to come to Him even when He would not walk on this earth. And when He offered the greatest sacrifice, people would realize that He is God. This is a God who came to earth in human form to be like us. Enabling us to trust Him. To love Him. To believe in Him. This was not some formless foreign deity but a real person who knew and understood what we suffer in this world.

And as we learn more about who and what He is we will then have the ability and knowledge to turn Him when He calls us to His mission.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen