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Everyone Came to Him

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Everyone Came to Him

Jesus cures Simon’s mother-in-law. There would have been people watching. And seeing Simon’s mother-in-law suddenly stand up and wait on the men would have been a shock. If Jesus could cure her could He also cure others? And they brought many people who were sick, ill, or possessed by demons. I picture the disciples trying to organize all this commotion. I do not think the disciples would allow people to just mob Jesus but would have tried to help them make their way to Jesus. They would have determined some sort of order so more people could see Jesus. In this way they were learning to be ‘hands on’ disciples. They were also learning how to help people themselves; not just be passive observers.

We, too, need to learn how not to be passive observers. We can take a lesson from the disciples. It is important to organize our day to have time to learn. To have time to pray. To have time to help. If we just go through the motions of waking, working, eating, sleeping life is too mundane and we find ourselves asking, “Is this all there is?” The activities of the disciples were not complex but simple tasks that came from the heart. But if we are too busy to listen to our hearts, we miss the most important things in life. For example, I encourage people to take some lipstick or marker and write on your bathroom mirror “PRAYER”. A simple morning prayer is sufficient. If you want to spend more time in prayer of course do so but work your way up to it.

Every time you look in the mirror a simple fifteen second prayer will keep you grounded. At night, put your shoes under the bed. Then when you kneel to find them you will be in the prayer position. On your calendar, the first entry every day should be “PRAYER”. In your car, keep an extra Rosary. In your office, hang a crucifix. There are so many ways to remind us that quick, simple, direct prayers are always a way to keep us spiritually grounded.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen