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What Have You to Do With Me, Jesus

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What Have You to Do With Me, Jesus

The demons knew Jesus. They knew Jesus would be the ultimate victor. But the religious leaders of the day refused to acknowledge Jesus. They would rely upon their piety, their understanding of God. It could have been the religious leaders of the day asking the same question, “What have you to do with me, Jesus?”

I listen to many young people explain why they want to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. I have come to realize every person has a faith, but at different levels. I ask each person how they will practice their faith after they have been confirmed. One group responds that they will be very busy working/college and do not understand how Jesus will fit into their busy schedule – today’s gospel – what have you to do with me, Jesus.

A second group share the same concerns as the first group. Their faith is of a different nature. Their question is, “God just tell me what you want of me!” These students have been taught you must have a program, goals and plans, if you want to be a success. They expect God to give them an action plan with each step having a box to check off as they finish the task. This is not much of a loving God or a God who respects your free will.

And there is a third group. They share that they have prayed, seeking God’s Will in their life. They are not exactly sure what His Will for them is but they are determined to live a virtuous and moral life keeping God as their focus in what they say or do. At some point, just as in the second group,  there was a time when they asked God to tell them what to do. However they heard God’s response. He said, “Do what you want to do to the best of your ability and I will walk with you to lead and guide you.”

Trusting in God means placing your will in His hands to shape and mold you into the saint He wants you to become.

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