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A Church of Faith

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A Church of Faith

The people of Corinth had many idols, false gods. It is a wonder that Paul was able to break through this mess of gods and strange rituals. Perhaps because the Eucharist is so unique, so different. For example, to see our God in the Eucharist is truly a wonder of faith.

We must believe first. First because it does not stop there. We must also enter into the body of Christ. All of our prayers, all of our rituals hinge on you, and I being born through the waters of baptism to be children of God. If we do not believe this fundamental element of our faith, then how can we possibly believe in the Eucharist?

When you enter a Catholic Church, you know you are to look for the red sanctuary candle indicating Jesus is present. You genuflect to Jesus in the tabernacle. Not the altar or something else but to the tabernacle. Remember the old tradition of bowing slightly when the name of Jesus is said? Remember in the Creed we bow when we say Jesus became incarnate of the Virgin Mary because we are speaking of the Holy Spirit?

Our Church is a faith of traditions. Our faith is a Church of Traditions. It is a Church of memories. What does your faith hold present and true for you now?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen