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Marriage - A Vocation

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Marriage – A Vocation

Yes, marriage is a vocation. To read Paul’s letter to the Corinthians one might be perplexed whether to get married or not.

In Paul’s time people really thought Jesus was coming back soon, very soon. Everything they did in their lives was based on the thought that this world was quickly passing. In a very real sense, we should keep that in out decision-making process. We do not know when the second coming of Christ will be, but we know He will come as He promised.

In the meantime, live your life to the best of your ability with the talents God has given you. For many people, that means living your vocation of marriage.

As Paul indicates there will be times of trial, there will be times of great excitement.  In all times, trust in the Lord. Share your faith with your children. Be open about your prayer life. Talk about your faith. Talk about everything, what you believe, what you doubt, how you strengthen your faith, how you struggle with your faith.

Your family is a little church. As your family grows so does faith. Congratulations to all who have grandchildren. May you share your faith with these special gifts from God.

I am blessed to have thirteen grandchildren. I do not get to see them often but do try through little things to keep in touch. Now I have learned I am going to be a great-grandfather in a few weeks. Praise God!

No matter how difficult your marriage may be, the challenges you have survived, the gift of God is children, and we will always need to pray for them.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen