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I Got This!

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I Got This!

Summer is drawing to a close. We have settled into a routine that is working well. Even got things lined up for the kids to start school.

We begin to think, I got this! Under control, running efficiently, no problems. Then Jesus comes along and says put out into deep water. Ummm, no, I am fine just sitting on the shore with my toes in the water. Who knows what is out there? But Jesus persists and we are given a netful of fish.

Getting a lot of fish is a good thing. It also means we have a lot of fish we need to clean. That means a lot of work.

It is at the end of summer I think we all start to feel a little complacent. Maybe a little too comfortable with our lives. But God has plans for us. He wants to see us go deeper in our faith. He wants us to grow deeper in love with Him.

As we grow in love of God, we learn to love our families and neighbors. We can go deeper in our relationships. But we need the love of God to accomplish that. We should never just settle to have our toes in the water. We need to put out to deep water to find God in all that we do.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen