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A Pilgrimage

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A Pilgrimage

When we travel, there are certain guideposts to help direct us to where we want to go. Most of us travel by car so we need a driver’s license. You must take a test to indicate that you know what the road signs or guideposts are. For many people today, we also have GPS or smart phones with maps. These maps have a voice who will talk to us and tell us when to turn, how many miles it is to the next turn, and when we arrive at our destination. If we do not turn when we are supposed to the voice says “Return to the route! Return to the route!” If we do not return to the route, we are told that the program is rerouting, and we are given a new route. The map will also tell us what the speed limit is, if there is bridge, or other streets, or buildings. It has a lot of information to help us on our pilgrimage.

Life is a pilgrimage. There are signs and guideposts to tell us when we are on the right path or if we have wandered in the wrong direction. Even when we know how to read all the traffic signs we still need to drive carefully because we do not know if other drivers know how to read the signs. Or they may not be drivers who know how to drive carefully.

I think there are three kinds of drivers. The first kind of driver is the person who follows the rules as posted on the signs. They obey the speed limits, the yield signs, the stop signs. They also watch others who are driving. Sometimes other drivers make erratic turns, or do not signal their turns, or will stop their car with no warning. A good driver is always thinking of what the other driver might do.

The second kind of driver tends to speed up and slow down. Sometimes they use their turn signals when they are turning, or sometimes they do not. They change lanes all the time. They are in a hurry to get to wherever they are going. Sometimes they move in front of you quickly and without warning. Or they tend to follow you too closely.

Then there is the third type of driver. They pay no attention to the rules. They wander all over the road. I do not think they know what a turn signal is. They never know where they are going because at each intersection they slow down to see where that road goes. They look as if they are asleep as they are driving.

When you are on a pilgrimage, you are like the first driver. You remain focused on your destination. It is important to follow the signs. On a pilgrimage you not only need the signs along the road, but you trust in the signs given to you by God. There is no need to run, there is no need to lag. A sure, steady pace is what is needed. A sure, steady faith in God is the best.

God is like a GPS. He tells you when you stray or wander. God will even tell you when He needs to reroute your life because of some wrong you did. Thank God for rerouting. We need that.

We also need a place to refuel. Perhaps the narrow gate is the door to the church. We enter the church to be refueled with God’s grace. We need to be cleaned and washed with His mercy. Many people will just rush by the doors of a church, not knowing how God will grant them grace and mercy for the journey. All are invited. Will you accept the invitation?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen