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Many Are Invited

I really like weddings. I think most people realize that priests are not fond of weddings. There are many requests by the bride. When you ask the groom what his opinion, he says whatever she wants. Thanks a lot!

Then there are the mothers-in-law. When they make suggestions, I turn to the bride and ask her what she wants. Same for the mothers of the bride. The gospel says they went out to invite the good and the bad! Hundreds of invitations are sent out. It has been my experience that about half will attend the church service. Maybe they all come to the reception. I do attend the start of the reception but do not stay long.

What is exciting at a wedding is the love the bride and groom share with family and friends. Everyone is so excited and happy for the couple. I really do enjoy the moments of love and fun that spontaneously happen at weddings. These moments are with the ring bearer and flower girl, the bride almost tripping, and the groom being too excited!

I will use a fictitious name. At the start of the vows, you start with the groom. I said do you take and before I could say anymore, he blurted out I DO!! Good, I said, let’s start over and let me say everything this time before you say anything.

God loves each of us with a love that is unimaginable and forever. Many are invited to the wedding feast in heaven. We have no idea of what a great celebration this will be. Why would we want to miss this celebration.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen