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Marriage / Divorce

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Marriage / Divorce

Even before Jesus the Jewish scholars and rabbis argued whether divorce was permissible. One group, more liberal, taught that the husband just hands his wife a letter stating they were divorced, and she would have to move out. Marriage done and she had nothing.

The other more conservative group conceded there was divorce but that there should be specific reasons why the divorce was happening. Reasons were more for unlawful marriage, incest, or other such crimes. Now the Pharisees and scribes want to trip up Jesus. How did He do?

Jesus takes us back to the beginning, that is Genesis. God had originally intended marriage to be one man and one woman in a covenantal relationship that is indissoluble. A covenantal relationship in the simplest terms is that you agree to do whatever is necessary to help your spouse get to heaven. This includes forgiveness of even the worse sins.

However, as you read through scripture you will find reasons that divorce is permitted. The marriage is to be indissoluble, in other words nothing should break the covenantal relationship, except for the reasons mentioned above. Why? Because it takes time to develop the covenantal bonds of marriage.

The couple needs time to learn how to resolve issues and arguments. Resolve is a good word. I do not like compromise. When you compromise you think you are saying you are half right, and I am half right. It is also saying you are half wrong, but I am not so sure if I am wrong at all!

This way of thinking suggests that marriage is a fifty-fifty proposition. Not true! It is like Texas Hold’em. You are all in. 100%. This means sometimes you agree with your spouse even if do not think it best. Other times your spouse agrees with you when they are not so sure this is the best. You see, this isn’t a compromise. It is saying I put my trust in you and have your back no matter what the outcome. I am here for you.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen