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Learn to Become Humble

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Learn to Become Humble

We must become humble like a little child. Whoever becomes humble like a child shall enter the kingdom of God.

Jesus says whoever becomes. This means we may not start humble, but we can learn how to become humble. Because Jesus is speaking about a little child, too often we apply the word humble to describe the child. And we also add a word, innocent.

Now I agree, there are times where children are humble and innocent, but if you watch school children for even just a short time you will find humility and innocence are cast off quite quickly. So, what did Jesus mean that we should become humble as a little child?

We need to look at the culture of the time. In the Jewish way of thought, women and children were property. They had no ranking, no status in society. They could not voice an opinion. They could own no property. Literally they were servants.

With this thought in mind, then Jesus saying we need to become humble as little children would mean we need to accept the fact that we have no status, no rank in this world, and there will be no rank or status for us in heaven.

In the next few weeks, we hear gospels telling us to seek humility. We will hear of prophets who had no status or rank to be a prophet but called the weak and humble to do His service.

Thankfully we can learn to become humble. Do not try to judge how humble you are. No, rather learn to become humble.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen