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God has His priorities. In Jeremiah’s case, God is informing Jeremiah that he must proclaim God’s message directly, with nothing added. Even if Jeremiah is angry or frustrated with the people, Jeremiah is not to express his opinion. Only what God has told him to say.

If Jeremiah says more or threatens or chastises the people, then God will do the same to him. Yes, God has His priorities and does not need anything extra we might throw in. Or he will experience a comeuppance. A comeuppance is a reward, normally unpleasant, for something we did.

It reminds me of how the news is reported today. There is too much fiction based on the opinion of the person speaking. Which makes it more difficult to sort out the truth. These people adding their vitriolic anger (or vomit) as fact. They will receive their comeuppance.

Interesting that this reading from Jeremiah is combined with the parable of the pearl. If we look at the parable only in financial terms it does not make sense. But what if we let the pearl represent truth.

From the Bible we receive many pearls of great truth, truth that is no monetary value but is certainly more precious than anything on this earth. As you read the Bible, it is if in our reading we uncover pearls of all sizes. Some pearls help us today, others we can retain to be used another day. And all these pearls can be used repeatedly. And these are pearls that we are not to cling to but share generously with others, enriching their lives, too.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen