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Healing Human Society

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Healing Human Society

The twelve apostles are called, by name, by Jesus. Some were fishermen. One a tax collector, Matthew, working for the Romans. Simon, the zealot who would do anything to destroy the Romans and those who work for them. They were all different with differing opinions but somehow Jesus encouraged them to work together for a greater purpose.

Last Sunday we heard of Jesus sending out the seventy-two disciples. He gave them power to heal the lame, cure the sick, and proclaim the good news. This group of twelve becomes His inner circle. The ones He personally trains to carry out His mission. Even Judas has a role, be it negative, but still needed. These twelve witness Jesus sowing justice and reaping piety. They in turn will do the same once they receive the Holy Spirit.

As I listen to the names of the twelve, I wonder, is my name in that list, too. No, not as an apostle, there are only twelve. But as a disciple. What about you?

We are baptized, called to be disciples. This would be an appropriate time to take a moment and reflect upon how Jesus is calling you. We are called to sow justice. Jesus directs us to be active in healing human society. Each of us can make a difference. Hosea gives us a warning. Sow justice, reap piety, before the Lord comes and rains down justice on you.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen