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I Desire Mercy

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I Desire Mercy

You know, for the most part, all of us can control our tempers quite well. Even those who say they are hot tempered do pretty good. They think they are hot tempered because in the moment of emotion they find it hard to calm down. Why is it so hard to control our temper?

At the school, teachers work with the children. Every day there will be some form of melt down. I noticed over the years that when we cannot control our temper there are some basic human needs that have been compromised.

For example, when you are tired it is easy to become frustrated. Even doing the simplest task becomes a challenge. We fumble things, drop things, or our fingers just do not bend like they used to. Takes only a second to lose control.

Another physical concern is when we are hungry. I have heard many people tell me that when they get hungry, they get kind of shaky. It is hard to concentrate when you are hungry. Of course, another pitfall with hunger is using food to address your problem rather than your mind.

Probably the main cause for losing our temper is stress. It just keeps piling on, doesn’t it? From family, coworkers, people we meet in places of business or who knows where. Stress unfortunately leads to the last physical but partly mental condition. That is indifference. You just don’t care anymore. Here we find ourselves becoming the most violent. We just want to strike out, attack.

But Jesus desires mercy, even when are angry, stressed, hungry, or indifferent. We are taught to think of the needs of the other person first, not our own.

When we are young, we are taught that we are to share. It frustrated us then, it frustrates us as we get older. That is why we need to continuously work toward mercy, calling upon God’s Divine Mercy. Seeking understanding, accepting we are not in control, and neither is the other person. Grant us the grace to accept others and offer abundant forgiveness.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen