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Treasure and Darkness

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Treasure and Darkness

Athaliah is the wicked queen. To make sure she would have no one challenge her authority to take the throne she had all rightful heirs killed. Except one, Joash, youngest son of the true king.

A sister of the true king hid Joash in all places in the temple. Now the temple is seen as a place of light where God dwelled. People who believed in the true God are people of light. Joash is like a treasure hidden in the light of God. God’s light is so bright that you cannot look at it for very long before you turn away, your eyes blinded with darkness for a few minutes until you can see again.

There probably are many hiding places in the temple, but to hide for seven years and not be found out, that is remarkable. It indicates the people who knew Joash to be the true king were willing to do whatever they could to protect him.

Athaliah thought she had everything under control and in her power. She built an altar to the false gods. Whatever she did darkness prevailed. The people lived in darkness, there was no hope.

For seven years she did not set foot into the temple. She never realized the treasure of God was in the temple. She worshipped the darkness. When Joash came of age he was announced as the true king. The treasure of kingdom was brought into the light. Athaliah suffered the same fate she had imposed on others.

Have you ever noticed that the longer you stay away from church how easy it is to forget how to pray? And when you do not spend time in prayer how quickly God slips away from your thoughts and your life? It is as if the darkness begins to creep in and you cannot stop it.

The lamp of the body is the eye. When your eye turns to darkness the body follows. When your eye turns to the light it may be blinding for a moment, but God quickly enters your heart and mind, and through His light begins to eliminate the darkness. Come to Church.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen