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What Good Friend Only Asks?

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What Good Friend Only Asks?

I live far from my family. I realize I may not always have the same problems others do.

For example, people share that they have a relative who always ‘borrows’ their belongings without asking. And they never bring them back. You need to make the trip to their garage or their kitchen to retrieve these things or write them off as gone forever.

But this is your relative. Are they given special privileges to do these things? Or do you allow this to happen because they are a relative.

What if the person who ‘borrows’ your things is a friend or the neighbor next door? Do you accept their behavior? Or people who always borrow your things and do not return them, do they really remain friends? Probably not.

People go to great lengths to lock up their homes and garages just to prevent people from ‘borrowing’ because they do not want to confront them in person. The thought is if I lock up everything, they will get the message that I do not want them to ‘borrow’ my possessions. But here is what will happen. They will come over to you to get the key so they can ‘borrow’ your possessions!

How about God? What kind of friend are you with God? Are you always asking? What good friend only asks? Have you given God glory and praise? Have you thanked Him for all He has given you? Have you ever said a prayer where you did NOT ask God for something? Hmmm . . . maybe you should today.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen