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Barnabas was from the tribe of Levi, so he would have been a Jewish rabbi. He converted, coming to the faith soon after Pentecost, taking the name Barnabas.

Though not of the chosen Twelve Apostles, Barnabas is mentioned frequently in the Acts of the Apostles, is included among the prophets and doctors at Antioch, and is considered an Apostle. He was a companion of Saint Paul who introduced him to the Apostles.

Like Paul, Barnabas believed in the Church’s mission to Gentiles, and worked with him in Cyprus and Asia, but split with him over a non-theological matter. Even our early fathers had differences.

He did evangelize in Cyprus with Saint Mark and founded the Church in Antioch. He died a martyr’s death, carrying in his hand a copy of the Gospel of Saint Matthew that he had copied by hand. When you see paintings of him traditionally there will be an ax, or a lance and he will be holding a book. Sometimes he is painted with St. Paul. His name means consolation. He would be a great saint to ask for intercessions for someone who is grieving a death.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen