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Planning For the Future

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Planning for the Future

Elijah was waiting to hear the word of God. One might think that God’s voice would be like a great wind, or thunder, or anything else great and frightful. But instead, it is a small whispering sound.

When sitting in Adoration where it is so quiet the small whispering sound is all that is needed. You can hear the creaks and groans of building, the clanging of pipes, and doors creaking. But as you sit there and let your mind come to rest the small whispering sound can be heard.

And just like today, God says, what are you doing here? Wait! What am I doing here? Lord, can’t you see, I am in Adoration! Then I start to think. Yes, what am I doing here?

The gospel gives me a hint today. I need to make a change of heart. It is one thing to try to follow the commandments another to go deeper and live the virtuous life we are called to live. God never stops challenging us to become the human being He wants us to be. Today, what will you change? How will you keep the peace of Christ in your heart and in your life?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen