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The Forecast Today Is

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The Forecast Today Is

For centuries people have looked to the sky to forecast the weather. Elijah’s servant sees a little white cloud, just the size of a fist, and Elijah goes crazy predicting a storm. But then in a thrice, the sky darkens, and it pours rain.

I see many little white clouds but would never forecast a major thunderstorm. I do listen to the weather and for the most part do believe they are accurate most of the time. I give them credit for trying to predict the swirling clouds and changing winds. It is like pouring cream into your coffee. Do you know how it will swirl and mix?

How are you at forecasting your day? What predictions have you made? What swirling problems or unpredictable winds upset your day? Maybe we need to become more like Elijah and pay attention to those little white clouds God sends us in our day.

We talk about climate change but what is your climate right now? When the storms enter your life, it is sometimes all we can do to try to manage what is happening. Yes, we should turn it all over to God, but our first inclination is to do it ourselves. Once we discover we cannot control anything then we finally give it to God.

For all of us, we should stop and think about that last storm we survived. Was there something that happened earlier in the day that we should have noticed? Was there a little white cloud God sent us telling us to change what we are doing?

When we get in trouble, I often find that there was something I should have done earlier in the day. The sin I committed later in the day was already in the planning stages in the morning because of my actions or lack of action.

For example, when did stress enter my life removing the peace in my heart? When did I let the actions of others drag me into sins of gossip or lust? When should I have gone to God in prayer earlier to keep me focused on what God wants instead of my desires?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen