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One of the great games is Hide and Seek. Someone hides and the other person must seek them out, find out where they are hiding. It is a great game for all ages. And as we get older, we get better at hiding.

One of the clever tricks I learned was that if you hide in a place that is completely sealed you may not be found. That is not much fun because it is joyful to find the person hiding. Another trick I learned is that if you can, find a place that is more open with very little to hide yourself. Our military use such tactics. A little camouflage, a little cover, and it is very difficult to find the person hiding.

This is what Elijah just did. King Ahab is seeking to kill Elijah. Elijah is on the run. Where would he hide? Most people would think he would run to the East where there are mountains and deserts. Instead, Elijah goes North, not very far away from King Ahab’s summer home on the Mediterranean. He is almost hiding in full view.

The widow he stays with has nothing and she and her son are about to die. But trusting in God, they are supplied with what is needed for them and for Elijah.

Perhaps that is why we are not to hide under a bushel basket. We may decide to cover ourselves with our worries, our problems, our stresses, doubts, suspicions, concerns. Many things can cause us to hide.

But as it said in the Old Testament, be not afraid. We are the salt of the earth, we are to flavor, preserve, and enhance the faith of others around us. Trusting in God we can persevere. Falling to problems we become like salt that has lost its flavor, Turn to the Lord, trust in Him.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen