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Obey God

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Obey God

I have been blessed to have been on many retreats of all kinds. Some for a week, others for four days, one was a silent retreat for a week (boy that was hard, I did not do so well, but I tried), and many one-day retreats. I have thought about those 30-day retreats, and it would probably be good for me, but 30 days?

And having experienced these retreats I have witnessed how the Holy Spirit has worked in many ways. Some people just glow with the Holy Spirit. You could easily see their halo taking shape.

A few were slain in the Spirit and just fell to the floor where they were. Some have spoken in tongues. But for the most part I witnessed an inner desire in people who were discovering the love of God for the first time in their lives. With each passing minute of the retreat, you could see the barriers coming down, walls being crumbled. And as they grew in faith, they were able to share with one another.

Look at the faith and courage of Peter and John. They said they must obey God rather than men. They could have been executed immediately for saying that to the religious leaders. Why were they not executed? Because the people were coming to believe. The religious authorities would have a riot if they did anything to Peter and John.

The Holy Spirit works many times in our hearts every day if we but listen and obey God. Peter and John did not hurt the religious leaders but suffered willingly for God. We must follow their example, stop hurting others, and offer them salvation.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen